Friday, July 22, 2011

Linux Kernel 3.0 is Out

Twenty years of works on Linux Kernel has passed and now it's time to start a new version and yes, it's Linux Kernel 3.0. Linus has made an official announcement but it's not yet available on the official website. Probably in a few hours or so, but it's now mirroring to all public computers that is curious about this new and shinny release.

Don't expect that this release will bring major changes to the kernel itself, since as you may read from Linus' announcement, it's not really the same idea like in the previous major kernel release where something new was introduced. Linux Kernel 3.0 is released just to make the big number gone and also to mark twenty years of Linux Kernel development.

KernelNewbies already got their hand of providing a human-readable information about Linux Kernel 3.0. I would recommend you to go there instead of looking at the detailed-changes in the ChangeLog.

Congratulations to Linus and all kernel developers. We are waiting for more and better Linux Kernel releases in the future Yahoo

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