Saturday, July 09, 2011

Firefox 6 in Beta Channel

Firefox is now following Google's release cycle and they plan to release Firefox 7 before 2011 ends. Right now, the stable version is Firefox 5, but that will change in the next month as Firefox 6 is now on Beta channel, means one step closer to reach stable channel where Firefox 5 is standing. If everything is according to Mozilla's plan, we will have Firefox 6 ready by August 16.

What's new in Firefox 6? There are several highlights:
  • Data Management Window which is a new privacy enhancement
  • Plugin Check now automatically checks compatibility for every plugins
  • Startup time improvements
  • New ScratchPad
  • Supports more standards, like HTML 5, CSS 3, DOM 3, etc
  • WebSocket protocol support
If you are curious on the very latest work on Firefox, you can check Firefox 7 which still sits nicely on Aurora (Alpha) channel and it will be released by end of 2011, just before 2012 if nothing brakes.

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