Friday, August 05, 2011

3D or No 3D

When 3D movies arrived about 2010, i was so excited so that i watched lots of them even though it's more expensive than normal movies.

Lately, i have been thinking that most of the movies that i have ever seen doesn't really use the 3D effects. There's only small part of the movies that utilize the 3D. I think the best movies so far are Despicable Me and The Avatar. The rest are just a plain movies.

I'm not sure if it's because of the glasses, but it's so annoying that i have to pay more for nothing Idiot

My next movie will be Transformer. What should i pick? 3D or no 3D?


  1. No 3D ! I don't like 3D much. Because, it makes the movie darker. Normal screen is more enjoyable.

  2. Agreed, actually most of times 3d effects are not planned from the beginning of the movie and are added during later stages so they're not really worth.