Friday, August 12, 2011

Last Week

This is supposed to be my last week before i entered my busy schedule for the next four months when the new semester starts next week. I guess it's time to go back to work again after almost three months resting, watching lots lots Korean and Taiwanese dramas, finishing lots of HSDS episodes along with H&E fansubbing, and preparing for the big day next month.

Anyway, i will try to keep this blog updated, even though i may not be able to post lengthy posts as i used to be as i don't really have that luxury of time to write such a long story about what happened in my life lately. I think a small and interesting video from YouTube is enough for now as it's really nice and touching videos that i posted.

Good bye vacation and welcome back to work Gym


  1. Holy cow, this is also my last week of fun before I head back to school and work sigh. I totally understand how you feel :(. Atleast you got friends and coworkers to look forward to.

  2. same situation?

    Good luck on your school Hilda :)