Sunday, August 21, 2011

Watching Transformer 3

Transformer 3 has been released few weeks ago, but i haven't watched it due to my busy schedule. I have watched Harry Potter and Kungfu Panda 2 before and today, i decided to watch Transformer 3 with my fiancee at Cinema 21 at Amplaz.

We went there after we left for Church in the morning. When i got there, lots of people has stood in line queueing for the tickets. Luckily most of them bought other movies (probably Kungfu Panda and Fast n Furious 5 since it's the latest one lately) or probably they bought it for night show. Moreover, BCA promotion for 50% still available, so i only need to buy one ticket to get another for free Yahoo

Even though i have watched the first and second sequel of Transformer, i must say Transformer 3 is still the best among them. The effect is still as good as before, but with more robots. I must admit Transformer 2 has better story than the third one though.

There probably won't be any sequel to Transformer as Megatron is dead (except a new leader is coming in) and so does Sentinel, so another movie that has reached it's end of life Wave