Sunday, August 28, 2011

MU Crushed Arsenal

We have our big match tonight and it was Manchester United who host a match against one of their biggest rival, Arsenal. Both team showed a very contradictive situation. Manchester United had a good start and it's on high motivation since their young players were able to show a good start, meanwhile Arsenal has just lost two of their key players, Samir Nasri and Cecs Fabregas.

The results was already predictable. MU totally crushed Arsenal and it's 8-2, thanks to goals from D. Welbeck, A. Young (2), Rooney (3), Nani, and Park Ji Sung. Arsenal replied back two goals from T. Walcott and R.v. Persie. This results was really unbelivable, considering Arsenal is one of the Big Four in English Premiere League. They really in a bad condition right now and they need to think of a solution really fast. It's still early in the competition and they will need to react fast in order to regain their position as one of the Big Four.

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