Wednesday, August 17, 2011

App Inventor Find New Home

A week ago, i posted a news that Google App Inventor will be discontinued and they were looking for a new home for the project. Well, in just seven days from that day, Google App Inventor has found a new home for their project and it's MIT Media Lab.

MIT has announced that they will make a new MIT Center for Mobile Learning, a place to learn more about mobile computing and App Inventor will be one of the sub projects that goes into this place.

This would add MIT's educational project as Scratch is also hosted at MIT. It's also another great tool for teaching students to understand about visual programming without having to fully understand basic knowledge about programming itself. It's a drag-and-drop environments which is very suitable for both the students and the lecturers/teachers.

Congratulations for App Inventor for finding a new home. Hope you like the new environments Yahoo

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