Thursday, June 28, 2012

Coming Back to IRC

I haven't been to IRC again since few years ago, but i will try to join IRC whenever i have some spare time. Actually i have known IRC since senior high school because at that time, IRC was one of the most popular technology among students, including me. I even learned to make my own scripts at that time.

My comeback to IRC was because one of my friend mentioned me on Twitter that someone was looking for me in #slackware channel. I started XChat and joined the channel and they were asking if i'm the same Willy as the one mentioned on the article in OStatic. We had some chat before i got disconnected because i was surfing using an unstable WiFI connection.

Anyway, i will start coming back to IRC again and i will probably be on #slackware only, so if you want to meet me there, find willysr on #slackware at freenode server.

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