Thursday, June 07, 2012

Visiting Hamlets

This morning, me and some of my supervised students on international field school went to the hamlet that the students will live in for the next 30 days for our pre-initial observations. Some of the students went there using motorcycles and i decided to use my car because i have to make sure that car are able to get there because the luggage of the students will be brought by car anyway.

It took some time to get there because we got lost due to a variety of tracks available and the guide that we got from one of my students were different with what we got when we asked local people there. I guess not only there are so many ways to Rome, we only have a lot of ways to reach Slanden and the surroundings hamlets.

In our way back, we tried alternative route and it seems that it's quite far, but the road was smoother and less curvy. We ended up having lunch at Jejamuran, a local restaurant which is famous of it's mushroom menus.

I think it's a great trip even though we had to ask so many people to get to the destination :)

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