Saturday, June 30, 2012

Duren Sawit Art & Culture Festival

YKFS is the annual program conducted by UKDW (Duta Wacana Christian University) and ANU (Australian National University) and it has been running for three years. This year, another university is joining up and that's Hong Kong Polytechnic University. It's a service learning program and the goal of this program is empower local communities in certain area. This year, Banjaroya village gets selected by the commitee. The students will try to learn from the local communities throughout 10 hamlets spread across Banjaroya village and contribute something back to them.

One of the group in YKFS IV (Yogyakarta Kampung Field School) which is located in Duren Sawit is going to held an arts & culture festival on July 8. This is one of their activity that tries to empower local communities around Banjaroya village, especially in Duren Sawit hamlet. This event will be a collaboration of the three universities.

The festival will start at 10 AM and finished around 5 PM.  There will be some entrance fees which is around IDR 120.000. It's not that expensive because it also includes transport fee, local lunch, map of the area, students guide to beautiful sights.

It will have several art performances:
  • Jathilan
  • Punokawan
  • Gejog Lesung
  • Shalawatan
  • Cokekan
  • Children traditional dance
  • Karawitan

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