Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Deleted and Restored

This evening, i got an unpleasant email from Blogger saying that this blog has been deleted due to violation of Blogger's TOS about SPAM. I was shocked to hear this since this blog has been operating since 2004 and i never had this kind of problem since then.

I searched for their support page and i saw that we (owner of the blog) have a right to request a review to Blogger staff if we have our blog got deleted (or disabled for precisely) for few weeks and if we don't respond, they will permanently delete it. I clicked on the Restore button and tried to asked the support staff to reinstate this blog and in the next few hours, it has been restored back and i'm back on writing and updating again on this blog.

Thanks to Blogger staffs who reinstated this blog. I know it's just a glitch on the automation system that tries to improve user experience by scanning a lot of blogger account out there that are violating their TOS. I hope they can learn from this mistake and improve their scanner even better in the future.

1 comment:

  1. wah syukurlah pak, blog nya sudah aktif lagi :D