Sunday, June 10, 2012

WWDC 2012 Speculations

Just days before Apple is holding a WWDC 2012 which will be held in San Francisco’s Moscone West where all Apple fans and users will be invited to see what has Apple done so far and what kind of surprises will Apple give to their users.

Some speculations has arisen and some are true actually. The first one is the introduction of iOS 6. It's reported that iOS 6 will be the base for the next iPhone 5 if it's truly coming out. I don't know what new features will be introduced in this major update.

The second one is the update of Mac Servers which hasn't been updated for two years. Some people thought that Apple is not paying attention to the server products and are focusing only on desktop and mobile areas, but that could change in this WWDC. The hardware needs to be upgraded and i guess i7 is the perfect choice for the new Mac Server.

Apple is also preparing to cut it's dependency to Google Map service by developing it's own Map service and it's reported to be 3D Map, not just ordinary map. Apple has been acquiring companies that focused on 3D maps since few years ago and i think this is the perfect time to introduce what they have been working so far.

There might be Facebook integration into the iOS just like Twitter when they released iOS 5. This would make people become more social on their iDevices because it's fully integrated on iOS.

9to5 has a detailed article about WWDC 2012 roundup. Check it out for more detailed information about what will be introduced in WWDC 2012.

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