Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WWDC 2012 Results

It seems that most of the speculations about what will be presented in WWDC were true. There are iOS 6 Beta releases for developers and sadly there's no iPad 1 support for this version, new Mac Book Pro with Retina display which is awesome, but comes with high prices as well, New 3D Maps, Facebook Integration, Much Improved Siri and it's coming on the new iPad, and the announcement of OS X Mountain Lion release schedule on July and pricing which is set to this Summer and it will be USD 19.99, 10 bucks lower than previous OS X Lion release last year.

But, it's not Apple if they don't bring new and exciting features that are not yet speculated by a lot of people, such as Passbook, FaceTime over cellular, New Calling Feature on iPhone, better Email interface, iCloud Tab on Safari, and iOS 6 Guided Access on Accessibility.

I really like the new specs for the new Mac Book Pro. They have integrated most of the bleeding edge components for their latest product and i believe that Apple can use this baseline for the next three years or probably more. It's now based on i5/i7 Intel Processors, 4/8 GB and up to 16 GB of memory for the Mac Book Pro with Retina Display, All Flash-based architecture for storage, starting from 512 GB up to 768 GB and optionally 1 TB of classic HD, Intel Graphics 4000 or NVidia GeForce GT 650 with Kepler Technology, MagSafe power port, USB 3 ports, HDMI, and many others. They even managed to compact the size of the casing. It's trully amazing.

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