Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Firefox 15 Released

Mozilla has placed Firefox 15 on their FTP Server, but no official announcement yet. Probably, they are waiting for mirror sites to download this package and preparing for the automatic update that will start downloading in the next 24 hours i guess.

What's new on this release?
  • Preliminary native PDF support (Aurora/Beta only)
  • Support for SPDY networking protocol v3
  • WebGL enhancements, including compressed textures for better performance
  • Optimized memory usage for add-ons
  • JavaScript debugger integrated into developer tools
  • New layout view added to Inspector
  • The CSS word-break property has been implemented.
  • High precision event timer implemented
  • New responsive design tool allows web developers to switch between desktop and mobile views of sites
  • Native support for the Opus audio codec added
  • The <source> element now supports the media attribute
  • The <audio> and <video> elements now support the played attribute 

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