Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Preparation of Slackware 14 in SBo Projects

Usually, when a new Slackware release is coming up, admin in SlackBuilds project are busy testing the packages for the upcoming releases by themselves while the contributors are waiting until the next release and they just submit a patch to make it work on the new release, but i guess that changes now. On the preparation phase for Slackware 14.0, contributors of SBo projects has started to sent bomb of messages to the mailing list about their package status. While most of them are buildable on future Slackware 14.0, some of them are no longer compilable and need more patch or version upgrade. With the original maintainer taking care of this, it should be easier for the admins to make sure the package is ready when Slackware 14.0 gets released. This is how the community works around Slackware Linux Project to make sure it still has good quality control before public users uses them.

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