Monday, August 27, 2012

Trip Day 2

I really couldn't sleep in the airplane, so i tried to watch movies, listening to the music using the small screen attached in the seat in front of me. Finally i was able to sleep for few hours before i decided to watch an old movie: The Tourist. It really a good way to spend some time when you can't sleep in the plane.

Our plane landed around 5 AM local time in Hong Kong and we got out of the plane to proceed with the immigration process. There were LOTS of people coming in to Hong Kong everyday, especially during vacations like this. I had to wait almost 30 minutes to get into the immigration officers to gave stamp on my passport and allowed me to enter Hong Kong. I really wished that they opened up more station to fasten up the immigration process. There were only two stations (later, they opened up another station) available and there were like 300 people waiting to be processed and the number keeps increasing as more flight has arrived in the morning.

Next, we took a bus to Shenzhen guided with a local guide. Since we used a group visa, we had to queue up according to the list we were listed when we reached the borders. It took almost 45 minutes just to get my approval to enter Shenzhen. I think the border officer in China is a lot stricter than in Hong Kong. I was told by the local guide that some Chinese people don't use and learn Alphabets, so when they saw a non-Chinese names, they have to read it one by one. That's why it took so long to process one people at the border.

In Shenzhen, we went to several places, such as Lou Hu market, Window of the World, Splendid China, and China Folk Cultures villages. I took several photo shots there with my wife and i'm uploading it right now on my Facebook. We also went to the government shops (which is mandatory for every tour package in China).

At night, we finally arrived at our hotel, Century Plaza Hotel near Lou Hu market and get some rest.

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