Friday, August 10, 2012

Slackware 14.0 Getting Closer

Patrick Volkerding has announced Slackware 14.0 this morning and it's now getting closer to a final release which i think it could be this month. On the latest update, he pulled Linux Kernel 3.2.26 and also KDE 4.8.5 to be included.

This update also included a lot of bug fixes that has been reported since Beta release in many media, mostly in LQ forum. Some of the applications gets upgraded and the rest gets rebuilt.

I'm going to use Slackware Linux as a base operating system for one of my class this semester and hopefully i can use Slackware 14.0. It will be a nice and new experience for me to use a newly released distribution in a class. It's not just a regular class, but networking administration class and i will use Slackware Linux for the whole semester, no Windows material again.

I hope the students gets a new experience of tasting the oldest and still maintained Linux distribution on the planet.

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