Monday, August 27, 2012

Trip Day 6 and 7

Day 6 was another free time and we went to several places to hang out to spend some time before we went back to hotel to join with the rest of the tour members before leaving to the airport at around 8 PM. Even though our flight was scheduled at 00:50, we left to the airport early because we were afraid that the immigration process would be very long.

When we checked in, the counter told us that our flight would be delayed until 00:50, but in the end, that didn't delay it, so we still got the same schedule. To kill some time in the airport, i surfed the Internet because the airport provided free Internet connection. I could check my email because i haven't been able to check it for the last two days. The inbox got a lot of new messages.

Around 00:00 AM, we went to the boarding room and then we waited for our departure time. There were a lot of Indonesian people who were travelling back to Indonesia with us. I think 98% of the passengers were Indonesian. The flight took 4.5 hours and we arrived in Jakarta around 5 AM. We then took a shuttle bus to take us to terminal 1 where our next flight will take us back to Jogja.

When we arrived in Jogja, we had breakfast + lunch at Tojoyo and then we finally got home. We unpack everything, cleans up the luggage, and went to sleep because we couldn't sleep well during the flight.

What a trip!!!!!!

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