Monday, August 27, 2012

Trip Day 3

On day 3, we went to Macau via Shekou Ferry Terminal. We took the 9:30 schedule. For those who wanted to go to Macau from Shenzhen via ferry, please mind this note: There are no moving elevator in the terminal. So, if you plan to carry heavy luggage, prepare yourself to bring it to the second floor without any help. You must carry it on by yourself. The same situation repeated when you want to get into the ferry. There are no elevator, just steps. I have warned you :)

There were some inspections again on the borders before we enter the ferry, but the situation changed a little bit. The process was faster than in Shenzhen border. The trip to Macau took about 60 minutes and if you are good at sea travels, i would suggest you to take some medicine before. This is my first sea travel and i must admit, i got dizzy a little bit, but not to the level of vomitting.

When we arrived in Macau, the local tour guide: Alan picked us up. Since it was slightly raining, we had to change our schedule. The local tour was postponed and we went to The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel first. It was a HUGE hotel, equipped with casinos, shopping malls, food court, entertainments, and many others. It's the best place to spend and earn your money. Don't expect a fake products there, since all of the items sold were branded items.

We then go to several places in Macau, such as the Ruins of St. Paul, A-Ma Temple, and then finally, we arrived in our hotel, Presidente hotel, in front of Wynn hotel where there were famous show at night. We didn't see the show because my wife had to take some rest.

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  1. Very nice post. Thank for having time sharing your experience, I also want to go to Macau and experience what you have experience with the beautiful places, foods and others.