Thursday, October 27, 2011

Combining Classes

Today i had three classes, two on Software Engineering and one in Project Management. There was a surprise today, in which two Project Management classes (mine and other lecturer) was combined into a single room because we thought that some of the students didn't attend the class due to study tour. We were wrong!!!!

The class was so crowded and there's barely no chairs left for the students who came late, so they had to take some chairs from my original room (it's not that far away from that room) and worse thing was that the air conditioner wasn't as cool as usual because there were more people in the room. I was like having a sauna at wits end

The good thing was that everything was fine, except for the temperature. I got some picture which i have uploaded on my Facebook Goodluck


  1. Alrighty this has nothing to do with your post, sorry. But I'm starting a personal blog as well, about my school and social life, any tips? Style of writing? Post interval?

  2. It would be best to have a stable, consistent writing interval, for example daily, or weekly.

    Try to focus on quantity first, then when you are used to the pace, you can focus on the quality of the content :)