Monday, October 24, 2011

US Version Kitchen's Nightmare

After watching Hell's Kitchen, i'm eager to watch other Gordon Ramsay's TV show and this time i pick US version of Kitchen's Nightmare. I watched UK version and i'm not that interested. Probably because the episode i picked wasn't so interesting (i watched Bonaparte and D-Place so far). Things got changed a little bit when i watched the US version with Hot Potato Cafe as the failing restaurant that Ramsay tried to fix.

They showed me a great comeback as a strong family and also as a team to help themselves to struggle to defend the restaurant that they created few years ago. What shocked me is that they are planning to close the restaurant again and this time it's for real. I don't know the reason, but after Ramsay's coming to that place, everything went better and they were back in business and become one of the busiest restaurant in Philadelphia, USA.

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