Thursday, October 13, 2011

Honeymoon Part 1: Singapore Day 2

Our second day was one full day in Universal Studio in Resort World Sentosa. Mr. Salim (our driver) picked us up at 9 AM and we went straight to RWS. Unfortunately, at that day, it was slightly rainy, so we were wet even before we entered the Universal Studio area. We took some photos in the front area where the spinning big globe that has Universal Studio text were located.

There are 7 areas in Universal Studio: Madagascar, Far Far Away, Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi, New York, and Hollywood. I would suggest that you take the left side first, starting with Madagascar and ended at Hollywood in the right side.

The first attraction in Madagascar is Madagascar: A Crate Adventure where you ride a boat and see Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria, and the penguins in action. At the end of the show, you will be surprised with a hidden photo snap. You can view the results when you leave the building.

I didn't take the Party-Go-Round, but my wife did and i only took some photos of her while she was riding. One of my favorite attraction in Madagascar was Madagascar Boogie! where all the casts in Madagascar came in real action with their funny costumes and also "Move It Move It" songs. I really like this song. Don't miss this one as you only have limited time to take pictures with them as they limited the photo session only to 10 minutes. Luckily i got a picture with the Penguins, Donkey, and Gloria.

Next area i visited was Far Far Away where Shrek and Princess Fiona took place. There are 4 attractions on this area, but the most amazing attractions were Shrek 4D Adventure and Donkey Live. As always, Singapore presented a combination between lightning, sound, air, and of course WATER!!! So get ready to be stunned by the amazing 4D adventure that you will never forget. I'm impressed with Donkey Live as the Donkey looks real. It could interact with the guests answer via the video camera installed on that place. As my wife doesn't like a roller-coaster type, we didn't ride all the roller-coaster attractions.

Next was The Lost World. We rode Canopy Flyer™ at this are and my wife was screaming loud lmao. It was fun (at least for me) and enjoyable. I really like to play it again, but the queue line was too long. Also, this kind of attractions were highly influenced with the weather. Since it was kinda rainy at that time, so sometimes we had to wait for some time before we could play again. It's so annoying, but safety came first Applause. My tips: leave your bag, sandals, and any other hand carry items on the free locker so that you don't have to worry about it since it's high-speed roller-coaster.
I was able to saw the WaterWorld, which is designed based on the blockbuster film, "Waterworld". My tips: don't seat in the front row unless you want to get wet thumbs up

Next area was Ancient Egypt. We didn't take any attractions on this area because most of them are roller-coaster and also for kids lmao. The same goes with Sci-Fi city. All of the attractions on this area are roller-coaster (Battlestar Galactica®) and spinning cup (Accelerator®)

Next was New York. The only attraction on this area is Lights, Camera. Action!™ Hosted by Steven Spielberg. He designed this and presented for Universal Studio in Singapore. Again, it combines sound, lightning, fire and water effect to create a unique experience. Please note that you will get wet if you take the first row like i did whistling. The Rockafellas gave a US-style attraction and we watched it while resting a bit. There was also some performance by the audience which makes it more interesting.

The last one is of course Hollywood, the epicenter of Universal Studio. This is the place you will visit the first and the last time since it's the entrance and the exit way. You got a chance to meet Marilyn Monroe and also Charlie Chaplin and take pictures with them (i didn't get the Marilyn Monroe though). Please note that Charlie Chaplin guy was a little bit "naughty" hee hee

We were lucky enough to enjoy most of the show in Universal Studio. My brother in law didn't have the same experience as i did.

We also met an Indonesian couple, Yudi and his girlfriend. He came from Bandung. We helped each other to take pictures so we could take pictures with our girl.

By the end of this year, they will add a new show on Universal Studio, which is the Transformer. It should be interesting enough to see. For those who would like to go there on Haloween, Universal Studio is planning to release a special attractions called Halloween Horror Night which is only available on 21-23, and 27-30 of October 2011. Be there or wait another year tongue

We left Universal Studio at 6 PM and we had dinner in Indonesian restaurant in Somerset. We ate nasi padang and Mr. Salim took us back to the hotel and we went on our own before we finally get some rest at night.

That's our second day in Singapore. See you in the next post tomorrow wave

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