Sunday, October 16, 2011

Honeymoon Part 2: Bali Day 1

Our second part of honeymoon was in Bali. We traveled to Bali after leaving Singapore. One funny thing was that i thought we had a water landing as the plane went down, but i didn't see any houses like what we had in Jogja or Jakarta or even in Singapore. I realized it later that the airport was located near the beach of Kuta and Jimbaran so it landed just off the water blushing

We picked up by Mrs. Bintang and Mr. Komang as our local guide and driver and led us straight to the hotel so that we could take a rest. We checked in the hotel and then we went to the Kuta beach to enjoy our sunset together. It was very beautiful. Another funny thing was that Balinese people thought that we are foreigners. Some people thought that we were Singaporean, others thought it was Japanese, and many other countries lmao

We didn't walk too much away from the hotel as we were already tired from our trip, so time to get some rest and enjoy our new hotel which was more traditional than the one we had in Singapore.

Rather short post from day one, but that's the truth. Most of our time were spent during traveling