Wednesday, October 26, 2011

No Luck With Linux Kernel 3.1 on Workstation

Yesterday, i compiled Linux Kernel 3.1 on my workstation with some big hope that it would work flawlessly. I have tried to compile Linux Kernel 3.0 since it was released and it always ended with a kernel oops at the start of boot process. It works well under Linux Kernel, so i suspected that there's a regression that blocked the new kernel to be running on my workstation at the office.

It's a HP Pro workstation. I don't really recall the system, but it has an Intel Core i3 540 @ 3.07GHz with 8 GB of RAM in total.

I'm totally clueless at this point. Can anyone give me a direction on how to solve this problem? Worship

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  1. Hi well I would have to know more about your system and what OS your running on it at the moment. You might just want to back up and install a modern operating system, your computer definately is powerful enough for it.

    You might find my blog interesting yourself. I am constantly experimenting with linux and photography in linux.