Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Upgrading Anti Virus

This morning, i started my desktop and kinda surprised to see a X mark on my Norton Antivirus icon on the system tray. Usually a X mark is a sign for an error. It's a fact that i rarely boot to my Windows (usually when i had a mood to update the applications or i need to do something which can only be done under Windows).

I traced the error via the knowledge base and found out that my AV is outdated. Yes, it was NAV 2005 and it has been six years since then. So i decided to upgrade my NAV to the latest one which is NAV 2011. I downloaded the latest version from the website and installed it on my desktop.

Surprisingly, it detected my old NAV and removed it automatically. It needs to restart to make sure all previous files had been removed and after it came back to Windows, it starts the installation and within few minutes, it's already completed. I'm quite happy with the speed of the installation as the previous version (2005) was really painful. It took so long to complete the installation.

Afterwards, i ran the LiveUpdate to update my installation and also my antivirus database collection. Surprisingly, i got 137.25 MB. No wonder, since NAV 2011 has been released for sometime and their anti virus database keeps growing all day.

After making sure that i have completed the installation and everything is OK, i upgraded the NAV installed on my wife's laptop as well as she's using the same version as i do.

Overall, i really like NAV 2011. It's fast, intuitive, responsive, and also very detail in protecting my systems.

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