Monday, October 10, 2011

I'm Back

I'm back from my honeymoon trip to Singapore and Bali. It's been an amazing week together with my wife. The Singapore trip wasn't my first time as i have been there last year, but i got a chance to go to Universal Studio and this is my first time to go there, so i had something different this time.

My experience to Bali was actually not the first time either, but i went to Bali when i was a child and at that time, i didn't have a chance to go anywhere, so let's just consider this is my first time to Bali and i enjoyed it so much.

I will start posting again by tomorrow and i will try to tell my stories on this blog starting at day 1. It will be splitted into two parts: Singapore and Bali. I think it will be a long story, so stay tune for tomorrow as i have to get some sleep right now peace sign