Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Upgrading to iOS5

Yesterday, my uncle asked me to manage his new iPad 2. I took this chance to upgrade his shinny iPad 2 to iOS5. This is my first experience playing with iOS5.

Once i got home, i turned on my wife's laptop and start installing iTunes 10.5 which is the minimum requirement of iTunes to install the latest firmware of iOS5. I plugged the iPad and start the upgrade process, but it failed in the middle of the process, causing the iPad left in the recovery state. I was panicked before i never had this problem before with my iPad. I searched through the Apple's KnowledgeBase and later on i found out that it has something to do with the USB port on my wife's laptop.

I tried to reboot my computer and boot to Windows and prepare the same upgrade process and this time, it's finished completely and the iPad 2 is now running the latest iOS5 Yahoo

My special tips when performing an upgrade on iOS5:
  • Make sure you have enough battery to perform the upgrade
  • Make sure your USB port is in good condition
  • Make sure UPS is working during the process
Good luck Goodluck

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