Saturday, January 07, 2012

Chrome 17 Enters Beta

Google Chrome 17 has entered Beta channel, which means we're one step closer to released version. On this version, the developer are aiming for something that they have done well in the past: speed and security.

Google are doing a great job in enhancing the speed of Chrome. This time, they take one step further by pre-render the URL that was typed within the address bar. Chrome did this by (probably) fetching URLs that you visited most in the past. For example, you used GMail and when you type G, it would try to read ahead gmail's web page and render it to you, so when you completed and press the ENTER key, the rendered page gets displayed instantly. Although it's a good technique, but it must also be supported by the Internet connection. What good is it if the connection is poor? Everything get wasted.

As for the security part, Google Chrome enhanced it by adding more extensions to it's Safe Browsing watch list: .exe and .msi. If Chrome encounters those two extensions supplied by the web site to the users (for example a fake anti virus), it will shows a warning to it's users.

We should expect Google Chrome 17 gets released in late January or early February.

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