Monday, January 23, 2012

New Feature

I have just added a new feature in Indonesian Linux Forum which is RSS feed that can be customized based on each account. This feature was requested by Walecha on his Twitter posts (here and here) to me and i find quite a nice mod called SmartFeed which is available for phpBB3 engine and it's quite customizable, suited for my need.

I downloaded the mod and upload it to the server and start installing it. The installation is very straightforward, but there are a lot of steps to be done in order to complete this process. Don't worry, everything is well written on the documentation file, so don't be lazy to read it.

After completing all the steps, the final step must be done manually, which is to refresh all the templates, stylesheets, and imagesets for the current theme. Basically this will delete all cache entries and force every users to get a copy of the latest file from the server again so that they will see the new feature.

This feature is very customizable and it's based on user preferences. Meaning that every users might choose their's preferences. For example, i might be interested to see only posts from Slackware section and not the rest. It's also possible to set the time intervals between updates or the display method of the RSS. Try it for yourself and let me know if you have any problems with this new feature

Let's just say this is my gift for this Chinese New Year event. I hope all of the members enjoy this feature and happy holiday

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