Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Upgrading to Linux Kernel 3.2

Last night, i compiled Linux Kernel 3.2 on my desktop at home and after i confirmed it's working on my desktop and make sure everything is OK, i tried to reproduce the same configuration to my workstation which was currently still running Linux Kernel due to kernel panic if i tried to upgrade to higher kernel version up to Linux Kernel 3.1. What a weird bug. I suspect there's a problem with RTC back then.

I used the same configuration i used at home with slight changes into the ethernet driver and that's all. Everything else is the same and i left my machine compiling while i went to bed. Today, i went to the office and reboot the machine and what a suprise. It didn't give me a kernel panic anymore. It works flawlessly. All i need was to reinstall VirtualBox and apply the patch in order for VMWare to work (see my previous post for this).

Thanks for Linus to bring this release so that i can now let go of the old Linux Kernel on my machine. I have been trying to get rid of this kernel for some time, but it ended with a kernel everytime.