Monday, January 09, 2012

MU Advanced in FA Cup

Manchester United got their revenge to their rival, Manchester City after crushing them at their home base, Etihad Stadium in Manchester, in the third round of FA Cup, the oldest competition in England.

The game was likely to be an easy win for United as they managed to get 0-3 in the half time, but City struck back with 2 goals in early second half and few minutes later. After the two goals, City couldn't add more goals and United won the game to advance to the next round where they will meet another EPL club, Liverpool.

In the EPL title, MU is 3 points behind City and the race will continue next week. We surely hope for the best for our club, be it Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City, or any other EPL clubs out there.

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  1. Anonymous10:16 PM

    Too bad, The Red Devils can stop the citiziens army by conceding two goals. I, my self, a little bit scare and worry, but the goddess of fortune is on United side and I glad they are the winner for this such hard round. Glory, Glory, Glory, Man United.