Sunday, January 29, 2012

DNSCrypt to from OpenDNS

OpenDNS has been known for years due to their service the public by giving a safe DNS service. So far, they have done a great job of protecting the DNS service and also ease parent's job to protect their children by avoiding unappropriate content to be seen by children under age.

They are now working to further enhance their service by introducing DNSCrypt, a new service which will solve the last mile problem that exists between user's computer and the ISP. Somewhere between this line, there can be a man-in-the-middle and DNS Spoofing attack. DNSCrypt solve this problem by securing your DNS request using cryptography so that it's secured by these kind of attack.

They have release the project's source on GitHub and you can start downloading it (only for Mac at the moment).

Have a look on the project's announcement to find out more about this project

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