Sunday, January 01, 2012

Migrate or Not

Blogspot team has been kind to it's user by providing a lot of improvements over time, mostly related with themes by the addition of Template Designer, which allow users to change their layout using a simple and easy to use user interface. They introduced seven new themes in Dynamic Views and that has totally changed many user's opinion about Blogspot. Not even Wordpress would do that to it's users.

I was interested with it and tried to have a look around Dynamic View, but then i reverted it back to the old interface. The only reason why i reverted back was because all of my customization will be lost once i upgrade to the new themes. My friend's blogroll, donation button, twitter's mini sidebar, my blog archive, etc. There were a lot of them and i can't loose them. That's the main reason i'm sticking with the old interface for now.

I haven't played long enough with Dynamic View, so i'm not really sure whether it's customizable or not, but please let me know if it does, so i can try to migrate to the old interface and get my old information available on the new theme.

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