Friday, January 06, 2012

Second Visit to Universal Studio

Joy, excitement, and new experiences. These are the three things i got during my second visit to Universal Studio in Singapore today. My first trip to UVS was in October with my wife. At that time, we didn't have any experience on visiting UVS, but luckily, we got almost all of the big shows during our visit.

Today, we went there again with my mother-in-law, my sister-in-law, her husband, and her 20-months daughter. We didn't complete all of the places, because there were more people coming with us, so we got delayed for some time, but since we have seen most of the shows, we skipped some of the attractions which we though it wasn't too interesting to see.

We had some new photos with the movie characters that we didn't get in our first trip, such as Po (Kungfu Panda), Frankenstein, Betty Boop, and Joker. I also played Battle of Galactica and Return of the Mummy, two jet-costers attractions which i didn't play previously. It was a fun and thrilling experience. It's not for everyone. It's for those who have good health and brave enough to pump their adrenalin to the maximum level. Honestly, i didn't brave enough to take the blue ride (Cyclon) as it's more aggressive and includes many twist in the air.

I also enjoyed Transformer The Ride, one of the new attractions that were opened last December 2011. It wasn't available when was coming in October. It was a magnificent attractions and i loved the show very much.

All the great experienced was closed by a wonderful water attractions in Waterfront, called Crane Dance. Different with Songs of the Sea, this attraction is free of charge.

In overall, i'm impressed with RWS. One ticket for all (excluding your own expenses on food, drinks, and gifts). I would recommend you to have express ticket to save more time queuing. SGD 30 is worth spent to save you from frustration and time.

One last interesting thing from my second visit was that there was a wedding celebration held in UVS at 7 PM and the couple has booked the whole New York are for their wedding took place. Guess what? They have the same initials as me and wife do, W&M. We took a picture for that.

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