Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Playing With JoliCloud

Have you ever wanted to try Google Chromebook but you expected something cheaper than having to buy the whole hardware just to feel the experience of having cloud-based operating system?

Well, you can try Joli OS from JoliCloud which is also free and it's available as a single, independent operating system or for you who can't be separated with Windows, you can try to use Joli OS which can be installed as dual boot option.

One advantages that Joli OS has compared to Google Chromebook is that you can access your system via a browser (via MyJoliCloud) and basically you can get the similar settings in your laptop since every data and settings are synchronized to Joli's server.

You can add apps into your system and it will be available on your dashboards as well (some apps only works locally, so you need to install them on your laptop/desktop).

I wanted to use this operating system as one of the examples in my Operating System course this semester. I hope the students gets a new idea of using an operating system rather than the boring Windows/Linux/Mac thing.

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  1. Not for now, but i suggest you to try haiku os. It was incredible and fast!