Saturday, January 07, 2012

Traffic Jam and Regulation

We all know that Singapore is very strict with it's regulation. One of them is car life cycle policy. If i'm not mistaken, private cars are only allowed to be used for five years. After that, they should pay higher taxes which is only payable and feasible for rich people.

By doing this, they basically control the number of cars available in Singapore so that there are no traffic jam everywhere,just like in Jakarta. From my previous two visits in Singapore, i never saw any crodwded street at all, but guess what? I experienced it today. The reason? It's clear.

In the next few weeks, there will be Chinese New Year celebration and Singapore is one of those countries where most of it's population were Chinese. During Chinese New Year, most shops closed down, so most tourist go to Singapore before the main day to buy many items sold nowadays. There are a lot of promotions during these days just before the big day.

So, even with those strict regulation, traffic jam is still unavoidable. What about Indonesia which doesn't have those kind of regulations? No wonder traffic jam is everywhere....

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