Sunday, February 12, 2012

Becoming A Renegade Millionaire In A Recession

So many people think badly about advertisement but they do not realize that most of their activities were activated by advertisement. From going to the cinema to buying their favorite cookies or snacks.

The idea behind advertising is already so old; it probably exists since the Roman Empire, which was a while ago.

Campaigning and advertising is to engage people to talk about the product. Not to sell it. If it is possible to make you talk about that product, service or that event, the buzz is being created not about the advertisement or that campaign, the buzz is created by the people talking about it and using their imagination and fantasy whether to use it or not.

This is precisely what Dan Kennedy is teaching in his highly anticipated Renegade Millionaire (Recession Made, that is) launch.
A product of service is not for everyone, only for that select group of people that could use that product or service to make their lives easier and more independent from the hassle of doing whatever that product or service was solving themselves.

Dan Kennedy from GKIC is probably the most famous of using different marketing methods in order to make people buy or sell things that they wouldn´t buy or sell in the first place just because he knows exactly how people behave and think. If you could predict how people would behave or act when you would launch a product you could potentially make everyone dance according to your tune.

So the time spent on planning your marketing techniques is most likely the best investment, if not the most valuable investment ever.

The possibility to be able to convince your target audience to act on something your need them to act on and not be the one telling them in person is most likely the most powerful talent one could possess. If you look at how elections are won, or how bestselling books are sold or how movies turn in to blockbusters, it all comes down on how to catch the attention of the audience and making sure that you understand who is target buyer.
Elections are not being targeted to people younger than 18. Bestselling books, depending on genre, make advertisements towards their public´s age. Movies are also targeted to audience depending age. And there are many more examples like this.

Looking in to your house, identifying the products that you have bought that are also available through commercials also gives you a good idea on how far marketing goes to know exactly what you want and what you need. This is why great websites can be fully focused to only one particular item and target only one particular audience, based on how you search.
There are so many people that are on the internet, that it is obvious companies want to know what you are doing on the internet and what you interests are on the internet, because most likely it was triggered by something in your neighborhood that would require something that companies sell.

The difference is now that companies have better knowledge about your behavior and they can create a solution that fits your needs better than before. Therefore increasing the chance to sell you something that you deem necessary for that particular moment or activity that you are aiming to do.
The beauty of Internet is that marketing can be as specific as can be, basically because platforms are nowadays so sophisticated it can even know when you are asleep.

And even when you are sleeping the advertisement companies already know what you are thinking of doing when you wake up so they know exactly what you want for breakfast, and what you need in order to activate yourself to do sports, and the list goes on and on. 

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