Friday, February 24, 2012

Utilizing Bandwidth

It's been a long time since i downloaded a lot of files in a month. My record was around 120 GB a month and that was last year i guess. Right now, i have less bandwidth, because it was very expensive for me to pay for the same bandwidth i used few years ago.

Good news is that the ISP is good enough to loosen the bandwidth limiter for me. I don't know whether it's on purpose or incidently, but right now i got around 2 Mbps even though i only paid for 384 Kbps. I'm glad that they provide this luxurious bandwidth to me as i need them to get some materials for my courses.

As a matter of facts, i'm really utilizing it right now. So far, my bandwidth usage for this month up to day 24 is around 54 GB. That means in one day, i'm downloading more than 2 GB of files. I think it will surpass 60 GB by the end of this month, but i'm not sure how far can i go with it.

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