Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Rebooting Itself

My Nokia E71 phone is starting to perform a self-reboot suddenly. I think it's caused by some malfunction on one of it's subsystem or there's a chance that a malware might infect the phone or something. It's not really a big deal, but for someone who knows about security, this is something that doesn't impress me at all.

The phone is about four years old, but it's still working fine and i had no major problem with it. The last problem that i experienced was the battery leak and i have replaced the battery last month and it's now working normally again. Usually this kind of problem can be sorted out by upgrading to the latest firmware, but right now, i'm not in the mood of upgrading since it doesn't have any automatic backup process, so users have to backup and restore the data manually.

With the upcoming of iPad 3, i really wanted to buy it, but if the phone is getting buggier, i might have to buy another phone because having a phone is definitely more important than having another iPad (i already have iPad 1).

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