Thursday, February 16, 2012

Smashing Book 3

For those who love to work with Web Application and Design, you will surely know about SmashingMagazine. It's a web full of resources you need to know about Web Designs, UX Designs, Typography, and many more. It also has a big community members that contributes to the site, thus sharing their knowledge to other developers and designers.

Few years ago, they released their first Smashing Book and it was a nice debut followed by their second Second Smashing Book which was also another success story. I'm sure you will love this book once you read it

This year, they plan to release their third edition of Smashing Book which is now ready for pre-orders and it will be shipped on April 2012. In addition of one book, they also release an additional book called Smashing Book #⅓ that contains an additional four quick chapters. Here's the picture of the book :

By pre-ordering it now, you have a chance to get 30% discount from the original price, so don't miss this chance.

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