Sunday, February 05, 2012

Chinese Dragon Festival

Chinese New Year has passed on, but in Jogja, the Chinese New Year has a special time because it's not celebrated during the main event, but usually one week after the big day. The reason is that on that day, most people went to their relatives to greet each other and share some joy.

This year, the Chinese Festival has been held for 7 years in a row and it is held on February 2-6. My mother hasn't been to this festival before, so she wanted to go there, so all of my family went there today and got stuck around a lot of people who went there.

There were several reason why today was so crowded. In the last two days, there was a heavy rain, so people hesitated to go there and there you go. Full of people, even though it's still nothing compared to what i have seen in Shanghai, China. Even though the road was probably 7x bigger than in Ketandan, it's full of people. It's way much crowded than in here.

Other reason is that because it's Sunday so people have a leisure time to go there with their family.

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