Monday, February 20, 2012

BIOS Update on Laptop

My students asked me today whether his laptop is the same as mine. I replied him with my model and he answered that he had the same model with mine, except that his laptop is in black, while i'm in white color.

So i asked him again about performance problem when using any USB devices. He mentioned that he had that problem in the past and it's now fixed after updating the BIOS to the latest one. He also mentioned about the utility provided by the vendor to easily flash the BIOS by downloading the new ROM and start the application from BIOS screen. At first, i doubted that this application will work, since usually they works only with Windows, and i have wiped my pre-installed Windows 7 on this laptop and fully replace it with Slackware Linux.

I got a new idea after looking his demonstration about the tool. Surprisingly, it can detect the flash drive, so all i need to do is put the new ROM into the flash drive and start the utility and find the correct drive and it will detect it. I tried and it WORKS!!! I can finally update my BIOS to the latest version available from my vendor.

I haven't tested the new performance yet, but i can do so easily. Just by copying files from flash drive to hard drive or vice versa via Dolphin, i can measure the performance with the USB-based devices. Let's hope this update can fix my problem with USB devices.

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