Sunday, April 15, 2012

Battery Life on Android

I bought a new phone for my wife for her birthday present. It's Android-based and at first, i'm really impressed with the feature. After using it for few days, my wife asked me about the battery performance. She needs to recharge once a day, something she would never do with her previous phone.

I remembered that due to the concept of smart phones, most of the features are using Internet, location service, push mail, etc. That consumes a lot of battery. This gets worse since the default configuration seems to enable most of the features that connects to the Internet.

I have tried several article posted on Internet to reduce the battery consumption, but it seems that it doesn't have much effects. From my observations, display, phone idle, and track id are the applications that consumes the most, but it's part of the system and there's no way to remove track id application. I can reduce the brightness and backlight timeout, but still it doesn't improve much.

Let's hope with the introduction of Ice Cream Sandwich in Q2 2012, the battery consumption gets better.

In terms of battery life, i still prefer iOS. They are so mature in terms of preserving battery life, but don't sacrifice performance as well.

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