Friday, April 20, 2012

Linux Mint 13 Codename: Maya

Clem has announced that Linux Mint 13 will have a codename of Maya, according to an official blog post. The codename was chosen a long time ago, after his daughter’s name who was named Maya in reference to:
In the blog post, it was also mentioned that LinuxMint will have an upcoming partnership with CompuLab and also Yahoo while they are still discussing with Google and ThinkPenguin. I believe Linux Mint is enjoying their current status as number 1 Linux distribution based on Distrowatch ranking.

Clem also reminds that Linux Mint has reached it's End of Life. There will be no more updates on Linux Mint. He also mentioned the end of life date for other releases:
  • Linux Mint 11 will be supported until October 2012.
  • Linux Mint 9 and Linux Mint 12 will be supported until April 2013.
  • The upcoming Linux Mint 13 will be supported until April 2017

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