Tuesday, April 03, 2012

What's In Linux Kernel 3.4?

Linus has released Linux Kernel 3.4-rc1, which means that the merge window for big features to be included on the next major release of Linux Kernel is now closed. All future features that are not yet in the mainline tree will have to be postponed until the next Linux Kernel 3.5 development which should be in June/July (depends on how great the development of Linux Kernel 3.4).

Next questions that arise will be "What will be included in Linux Kernel 3.4?"
Here's what we know so far (from Phoronix):
There are still four pull requests that Linus not yet pulled, but he's OK with the idea. He just need more confirmation from the other subsystem maintainer. If it's OK, then there's a big chance that these requests will be pulled and integrated into Linus' tree. They are:
  • HSI (High Speed Synchronous Serial Interface) framework
  • pohmelfs
  • DRM dma-buf prime support by Dave Airlie
  • DMA-mapping framework
I believe further performance improvements will be gained once this development has finally released Linux Kernel 3.4. We will have to see about that later on June/July. Stay tune....

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