Thursday, April 26, 2012

Google Drive Activated

I noticed that Google is releasing a new product called Google Drive yesterday and when i did, i asked them to notify me when my account is ready.

This morning, when i checked my email, i received an email from Google with a subject of "Welcome to Google Drive". That is fast, not even 24 hours before i submitted my request. I clicked the link and it launches Google Drive, which uses my Google Docs account and switch it to Google Drive. So, actually Google Drive is somewhat Google Docs + Sync capability.

They have a Google Drive client tool for Windows, but unfortunately, there's no client for Linux (yet). Teresa Wu, google docs community manager commented that Linux support is still being worked on by Google. I hope they don't end up like Picasa which was a good product by Google, but in the end, they stopped supporting it.

Once i downloaded and installed the client tool, my files on Google Drive (was Docs) are being copied to my computer and i can start working offline and everything will be synched up to my Google Drive account automatically.

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