Sunday, April 22, 2012

Playing with GIT

I have started a new GIT repository on GitHub called SlackHacks. It's just created few hours ago and i wanted to use this repository to put my "hacked" SlackBuild that works for Slackware-Current.

Usually, SlackBuild scripts are designed to work with Slackware-Stable, not for Slackware-Current. Unfortunately, the nature changes in -Current looks more interesting for me, because there might be time when new changes in -Current break compatibility with older version and need some "magical touch" aka patches to work with newest version.

As the policy in SlackBuilds required us to submit packages compatible to -Stable only, the only way to provide updates for Slackware-Current users is via third party repository which is outside the SlackBuilds project.

I will also use this repository to learn more about GIT.

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