Wednesday, April 11, 2012

New Phone

My wife just bought a new phone replacing her old Nokia 70 which has accompanied her for about six years. I showed her Sony Xperia Ray and she was so interested on it because it's not that expensive, yet it has a good quality from the 8 MP camera.

It also has front-side camera, something that rarely found on modern phones. It's Android-based and even though it's still using Ginger Bread (2.3), it's upgradable to ICS (Ice Cream Sandwidth) 4.0 later on Q2 2012.
She likes it very much and hopefully she can make use of it more optimum rather than just for gaming.

For me, i'm interested with Sony Xperia S which has 12 MP of camera and it also has faster processors (1.4 GHz). Another product that i am also interested with is HTC One X. It also has 12 MP of camera but it has Quad Core of processors (yes, it's probably the first phone that utilize four cores). It has a price about 6 million IDR i guess (using an assumption of 2000 MYR in the brochure i got when i went to Malaysia last week).

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