Friday, April 06, 2012

Resort World Genting

Today is my second day in Kuala Lumpur and today's schedule is going to Genting. We were picked up by the driver at 9 am and then goes straight to Genting, but in our way, we visited Hindunese temple called Batu Caves. We took some photos there and then continued our journey to Genting.

It took us about one hour to reach Genting. The weather was so breeze and cool, so i like it so much. We were dropped off the lobby and we go straight to the indoor theme park to the casino area. Unfortunately, i couldn't go in because i'm not wearing shoes (silly stupid mistakes). So i travelled the area looking for interesting games while waiting for the rest. In just around 30 minutes, they goes out of the building and then we continued our adventure.

First off, we took the one day unlimited ticket for indoor theme park for MYR 30 (adults). We played several attractions there, but i missed some of them which i planned to, but i didn't have time. If you want to see most of the genting area, i would suggest you to take the catepillar monorail. It took about 30 minutes to complete one round, but it's worthed. If you wanted to play all games there, spend one full day at Genting. I only spend around 4 hours there, so i missed a lot of interesting games.

Next, we head back to KL and goes to Thean Hou temple. It was a fascinating temple and you can take a picture with 12 Chinnesse zodiacs. Next, we went to mid valley megamall and spend some time there and have dinner. We ate papa john's pizza. Then we went back to the hotel, but before that, i took a picture near the famous twin tower. It was not the best angle and position since it's very short time, but it's ok. That's a risk of travelling with big group of people. You don't get enough time for yourself. Mostly when you are the youngest one.

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