Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calligra 2.4 Released

The developer of Calligra has finally released Calligra 2.4, the first stable release of Calligra, a fork project from KOffice. The road to this first stable release is not easy as it took about a year to complete, but it ended with a good results.

The text layout engine is completely rewritten, giving the best compliances with ODF specs so that they are not way behind LibreOffice who keeps on moving on with better ODF compliance. They also took this chance to simplify the user interface which was pretty messed up in KOffice.

In addition to the normal office applications, Calligra also includes several new applications, such as Flow, the diagram application and Braindump, the note taking applications. It has joined the new family of Calligra.

Here's an example of Krita, a drawing application from Calligra with piece of art by David Revoy. Looks so stunning!!

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